New Trend of Tumblr Blogs: "[Demographic] Wearing Google Glass"

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Last week, the Tumblr blog "White Men Wearing Google Glass" went viral across the web, featuring pictures of... white men wearing Google Glass. The blog made a statement about the demographic of the product, starting a discussion about gender and race.

Soon after, a ton of spin-off Tumblr blogs have been popping up featuring different demographics and categories of Glass users.

1. White Men Wearing Google Glass

2. Pretty Girls Wearing Google Glass

3. Hot Guys With Google Glass

4. Women With Google Glass

5. Gays Wearing Google Glass

6. Awkward Looking Google Glass

7. Minorities Wearing Google Glass

8. Asians Wearing Google Glass

9. Non-White Men Wearing Google Glass

10. Black Men Wearing Google Glass

11. Cats with Glass

Did I miss any? Share others in the comments!

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